Top Line Talent- Bottom Line Results | Founded in 2011 by Karl Hardesty

Feb 9, 2017

Top Line Talent- Bottom Line Results

Founded in 2011 by Karl Hardesty, a respected leader in executive talent solutions for the CFO suite, Hardesty LLC provides best-in-class senior leadership to growing companies through its nationwide network of offices. As the firm continues to grow, the Hardesty network has expanded its service offering by providing executives at the CEO, COO, CIO, and VP HR roles to complete the full suite of senior executive talent we make available to clients.

Partnership. Redefined. 
At the core of our operating model lies our competitive advantage – our Partners. These are top executives that have been tested at the highest level. It’s an operating model that’s helped attract the very best financial minds – professionals who are deal-savvy and board tested, and who also bring a keen understanding of the operational side of business.

Outstanding Financial Leaders Who Deliver Optimal Outcomes. 
Hardesty’s professionals have helped over 500 companies reach their business goals by aiding with strategic, operational, and financial challenges. Our mission is simple: provide clients with experienced, industry-tested professionals who can step-in to any situation and quickly add impact, value and create results.
Custom Fit.
Every client situation is unique and influenced by several different factors. Hardesty tailors every talent solution with the goal of attaining the optimal result. This often translates into resources with very specific skill sets and experiences that have been tested in the real world. Our flexible model, as well as the breadth and depth of Partner experience, enables us to structure engagements in at least three different configurations: interim management, executive search, and special projects.