Commercial Real Estate & Construction

Hardesty’s Real Estate and Construction Practice is driven by a deep bench of experienced real estate and construction executives and professionals whose entire careers have focused on these related industries. Our Partners have been in C-suite roles with leading real estate and construction companies as well as Partners in related accounting, finance and consulting practices. Our unique value proposition is providing top tier financial/accounting leadership plus operational professionals with experience in all real estate and construction segments. We provide the best of both worlds.

Hardesty professionals are working with leading real estate entities that are facing and surmounting the same challenges that you are. Our advisory services focus on implementing industry best practices that cover the complete real estate lifecycle from planning, funding, development, construction to operations and sale. We know your goals and requirements can change over time, we tailor our team and approach to meet your specific needs as your organization and most importantly the market changes. We are at the forefront of helping our real estate clients navigate the “new normal”, enabling virtualized real estate management solutions, coupled with the reality that real estate is the ultimate hands on industry. We are enabling our clients to harness the value of their data and drive insightful decision making in one of the most challenging markets in the history of the industry.

We have up to the minute knowledge on both industry best practices and leading technological and software solutions in the market. With our DNA established through in the Big 4 accounting and consulting world, we approach our projects with a structured process and methodology. But we also understand the importance of “right sizing” our projects with the right scope and project team staffed to meet your needs and budget. Our efforts are ultimately measured by the value they bring to you and your constituents. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Delivering Unsurpassed Value


Having the ability to close a search quickly for a client is paramount. My personal average over the last three years is 28 days to complete a search. So, let’s somehow reference this datapoint.

Interim Solutions/ Project Solutions

On the general finance and M&A side. Prep for sale, audit, SEC, post-acquisition accounting and finance consulting, capital raises. Most search firms cannot offer these services, so we are ahead of the competition.

Recent Clients

Blue Haven Pools

Mobile, AL

Closed: Controller search
Launched: CFO search

Star Management

Tustin, CA

Closed: Controller & Regional Property Manager searches

Southern Impression Homes

Jacksonville, FL

Launched: Purchasing Director search