Aerospace and Defense

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We are passionate about using our expertise to help A&D companies develop and thrive. We understand the challenging contracting processes and operational requirements, have embraced them, and turn these challenges into appreciated business best practices.
A&D team
A&D team

Our A&D team is comprised of executives that have experience with leading companies that successfully engineer, manufacture and support products, services, systems and SaaS used in critical applications serving the military and or commercial aerospace and defense industries.

This experience includes contracting directly with the US Government as a prime contractor, or as a subcontractor meeting strict international ITAR security requirements.

Our practice
Our practice
Our practice is designed to provide exceptional insight, special knowledge, analysis, sounding board, decision support, and foundational operating processes and tools. We do not consider ourselves consultants as we work with you to identify and respond to opportunity capture, and risks mitigation.
support programs
support programs
We assess, seek to understand and work with you to develop valuable support programs and are regularly called upon to provide CFO services, C Suite recruiting, interface with DCAA, and M&A due diligence in buying, integrating, and or selling companies.

The following are an array of

Services that We Provide

C Suite Team Advisory and Support

As a start, let us earn your trust as a competent member of your team by allowing us to gain understanding of your business and present to you a support program.

Gain the power and support of the Hardesty LLC team as your informed, experienced capable advisors that utilize their expertise, network, and hands on support to help understanding, define, fund, and capture business strategies, objectives and risk mitigation plans.

Business Win

Developing proposals, protecting intellectual property, and optimizing pricing methods

Designing and implementing cost accounting and billing methods that support contract pricing methods.
Responding to customer proposal audits and contract negotiation.
Preparing for and passing DCAA and customer supplier certification reviews.

Business Execution

CFO services in building finance team, developing financial forecasting and reporting models used for decision making, and providing expert oversight over financial operations

Fund raising, banking and financing.
Risk management and insurance mitigation programs.
Program planning and control processes and supporting project accounting.
Human Resource staffing requirements analysis and recruiting.
Employee benefit and health care programs.
ERP system optimization.
Supply chain supplier certification processes and contracting
ITAR compliance processes.

Expert Response

M&A due diligence and negotiation, business buy, integrate, and sell.
Contract termination/scope change claim preparation and negotiation support.
Customer cost and pricing audit prep and response.
DCAA audit prep, interface, and responses.
Stressed banking situation support.
Supplier disputes and negotiation.