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Hardesty Partners serve in various public and private companies as CEO, CFO, or COO and many have experience with evaluation, installation, and effective report design for various ERP software systems. Through one of our Strategic Partners, Hardesty has access to expertise in the most popular ERP systems, and skilled VARs to assist in data migration, installation, and Dashboard report design. One of the benefits of working with Hardesty is the broad industry vertical ranges we cover; more likely than not, one of our Partners is familiar with some of the unique ERP requirements for your company.

Why Use a Hardesty Partner for your ERP installation?

Hardesty Partners have both the operating and financial experience to ensure your company derives the most benefit from the new ERP System – get what you pay for.
An experienced Hardesty Partner can monitor and control the process, leaving existing financial and operational management to run your business.
Ensure that the ERP system is tailored to the mission-critical aspects of your business, especially in the task-specific modules (AP, AR, GL, Cost Acct., Expense reporting, Payroll, HR).
Ensure that Dashboard reports are designed to be clear, concise, and easily modified to support business decisions and that there is an easy-to-use report writer function with adequate specific instructions for use.

Ensure necessary compliance during your data migration (this can be a daunting part of the process).

Assist your VAR with the system testing and parallel reporting that will be necessary during the roll-out of the new software and reports.
Oversee the user instruction program offered by the VAR, create required checklists for training materials (user demos, a video how-to library for each of the modules) and assist the CFO in establishing a cross-training process across the financial staff
Installation Continuity Insurance; should there be a loss of key staff during the ERP system installation, a Hardesty Partner can continue the process for you, with no disruption to your business, and complete the installation and deployment.

The necessity of a tenured

Experienced CFO

The necessity of a tenured, experienced CFO to address these concerns reinforces the value of retaining a Hardesty Partner to augment your VAR’s services for your ERP installation. Get the best value from your ERP system investment. Let us know how we can help you navigate towards success.