Interim Management
Executive Search
Special Projects
Consulting, Technical Accounting, Project Management, and Strategic Planning

Hardesty’s Partners and professional resources are able to quickly engage in client situations and hit the ground running, adding immediate impact where it is needed the most. Our flexibility allows us to work in a variety of scenarios where we are helping develop teams and providing guidance and oversight – or, working in tandem with existing groups to accomplish specific objectives. Interim management roles can include:

  • CFO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • VP Human Resources
  • VP Finance
  • Controller
  • Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

We recognize that in many situations our client’s needs are best met by finding a permanent resource for a specific role. Using our propriety methodologies and available tools, we work with clients to determine the requisite qualifications and attributes for each position. We then conduct thorough and in-depth behavioral interviews and apply executive judgment gained from our years of being in the business to present the best qualified candidates. Our 360-degree approach features many differences as compared to exclusive executive search organizations. While we follow a consistent plan, we tailor each client situation and work very closely with management to identify candidates that are aligned not only in skills and experience, but in work ethic and core values. When it involves the role of the CFO, for example, we provide an appreciably superior value proposition. All of Hardesty’s executive team are experienced financial executives – and many have “sat in the chair” four or five times previously. These are the individuals who are intimately involved in identifying and qualifying candidates. We are CFO’s finding CFO’s. We believe this differentiating factor delivers a competitive advantage to our clients. Our executive search roles include:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • VP Sales
  • VP Human Resources
  • Controller
  • Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Senior Financial Analyst

Our clients often encounter situations where additional resources and expertise are needed to address recent developments. Our flexible operating model and breadth and depth of talent allow us to respond with solutions that produce immediate impact and create value. Hardesty’s Partners and professional resources bring a “first responder” mentality to each assignment and because of our deep experience in finance, operations, and technology, we are able to assist our clients in a variety of ways. Examples include:

  • Transaction assistance
  • Post acquisition implementation
  • Systems upgrades
  • Audit preparation
  • IPO readiness
  • Financial restatement
  • Professionalization of infrastructure
  • Business process improvement
  • External reporting

Our aim is to help organizations identify, evaluate, optimize and deliver the value embedded within their strategic initiatives and ongoing operations. We’ve found that a vision is best reached and long-term goals met when an organization is strategically aligned via the establishment of centralized and coordinated planning and management of initiatives and daily activities.

Planning related consulting
services include:

  • Strategic / Long-Term Planning
  • Annual / Operational Planning
  • Enterprise / Corporate Planning
  • Divisional / Departmental Planning
  • Program / Project Planning
  • Career / Personal Planning
Execution related consulting services include:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Product Management
  • Regulations & Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
Continuous Improvement related consulting services include:

  • Process Improvement
  • Cost Analysis
  • Personnel Behavioral Analysis
  • Job Benchmarking

Technical Accounting related consulting services include:

  • GAAP Compliance And Guidance
  • ASC§606 Documentation And Study
  • ASC§842 Lease Accounting
  • SEC Reporting Compliance and Guidance

So much demand,
so many solutions

Every client situation is unique and influenced by a number of different factors, including company size, capital structure, regulatory environment, and current market trends. Hardesty recognizes these differences and tailors every talent solution with the goal of attaining the optimal result. This often translates into resources with very specific skill sets and experiences that have been tested in the real world. Our flexible model, as well as the breadth and depth of Partner experience, enables us to structure engagements in at least four different configurations: interim management, executive search, special projects, and consulting.