Scaling For Growth: Bolt-On Acquisitions

Dec 5, 2017

How do you scale your company into a multi-site, multi-state operation and still have the platform needed to run the company effectively?

With the trend of rolling up certain verticals to create economies of scale, this is always one of the biggest management challenges. Multiple “Bolt-On” acquisitions of new businesses without the appropriate integration planning can lead to unmanageable situations and quickly bring a company to its knees.
The partners at Hardesty, LLC have successfully helped hundreds of business owners and institutional investors develop and execute plans to integrate new businesses for long-term sustainability. Working with our client’s internal resources and deploying the right mix of experienced, interim executives that have been down this road before, will mitigate most major issues.

Key Elements of Systematic Scaling

  • KPI’s/Metrics – Identification & visibility to business drivers
  • Reporting – Timely meeting of milestones as an operational tool
  • Regulatory – Federal or Local regulations add to the complexity
  • Site Management – Centralized vs. decentralized
  • Grow/Buy Right – Comprehensive due diligence for de novo or acquisition growth
  • Systems – Interoperability of disparate systems
  • Key Levers of Business – Never let the business purpose out of sight
  • Key Assets – People; Ensuring key skills are maintained after the sale
  • Hardesty has successfully assisted clients that have hit their infrastructure “growth ceiling” and had to resort to acquisitions to grow effectively and protect market share. Our partners have the experience to make this journey feel more like a real “Bolt-On.”