SBA Defines PPP Loan Safe Harbor Rules

May 15, 2020


FAQ’s just released by the SBA, it was stated they will Presume Good Faith for loans under $2 million.
SBA Defines Safe Harbor Rules
When submitting a PPP application, borrowers certified that the need for a PPP loan is necessary to support the borrower’s ongoing operations because of the impact of current economic conditions.
PPP Loans under $2 Million

  • SBA will presume the borrower’s certification of the necessity of the loan was made in good faith

PPP Loans over $2M

  • If the SBA determines the need was not met, the ramifications will be limited to denial of forgiveness and the repayment of the loan at the 1% interest rate

Latest SBA Links:


  • FAQ’s have been updated (5/13/20) and can be accessed HERE.
  • A new interim final rule (5/13/20) relating to loan increases can be accessed HERE.
  • View all Interim Final Rules HERE.
  • View the PPP second round approvals HERE.


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