Hardesty LLC Supports Global Investment Advisor, KKR, with Interim CFO

Sep 28, 2020

Hardesty, a national executive services firm, was called on recently to provide an interim CFO to KKR’s Fleet Farm. Fleet is a Midwestern, value-based retailer of lifestyle merchandise serving DIY, outdoor, and active families. Fleet’s revenues currently exceed $1.5B.

See what Fleet Farm CEO, John Schaefer and KKR’s Paul Sigfusson had to say about Hardesty Partner Per Brodin:

” We brought Per Brodin in as our interim CFO after quick successive CFO resignations as well as other turnover within the Finance group. We needed to stabilize the Finance organization and add a steady hand to help guide us through some difficult issues. I want to personally thank Per for the excellent work he performed in reorganizing and creating structure within our Finance Organization. We have come a long way in the months since Per has been with us, and with his leadership, all have created a great foundation on which we can continue to build our Finance Team. Although Per was here on an interim basis, his contributions were many and much appreciated.”
“Fleet Farm is a significant investment in the consumer & retail sector for KKR and the Company experienced meaningful turnover in its financial leadership team over a short period of time. Per stepped in and made a meaningful immediate impact by adding stable leadership and supported the Company through very uncertain times at the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic. He made an immediate impact in reestablishing periodic reporting disciplines, enhanced liquidity monitoring, and helped the team begin the process of implementing a rolling twelve month forecast process. He worked well with both the Fleet Farm leadership team as well as us at KKR. We at KKR will continue to look for ways to work with Per and would recommend him for any financial leadership position without hesitation.”
Per Brodin
Hardesty Partner