OCHFN Event – Speaker: Aaron Call, Jaunt

Mar 12, 2024

OCHFN Event – Speaker: Aaron Call, Jaunt

Innovate, Integrate, Empower: Pioneering Healthcare’s Future Together

Join Aaron Call, CEO of Jaunt, for an enlightening journey into the heart of medical innovation, where collaboration meets technology to redefine patient care.

Presented by: Aaron Call, Founding Principal, Jaunt, Phoenix, AZ

Aaron Call

Founding Principal
Phoenix, AZ

As diligence partners, Jaunt uses detail and precision to quietly and steadily ensure the success of others by aligning with MedTech executives and investors to move their critical work forward. We are passionate about intelligence, products, investments and solving critical problems for our clients. We provide accurate predictions of market opportunities and know our clients can embrace the journey as we provide solutions that allow them to confidently move forward.

Hosted by: Tim De Cou – OCHFN Founder

Managing Partner & National Healthcare Practice Leader, Hardesty, LLC

E: tdecou@hardestyllc.com
P: 949.524.6837

Now in its 15th year, OCHFN is a monthly platform for healthcare operators to exchange ideas on innovation, integration, best practices and trends. Hardesty Healthcare is a comprehensive management services company providing interim and permanent C Suite executives, medical directors, clinicians, department directors, revenue cycle and coding expertise. When companies are in a critical period and need either a management addition or support for the current team, Hardesty is the resource for proven healthcare solutions.