eCatalyst Health Solutions Presented an Update of the 2019 Proposed CMS Payment Changes to a Full House at our October OCHFN Event

Oct 22, 2018

eCatalyst Health Solutions, a Hardesty Healthcare Solutions Preferred Partner, presented a comprehensive update of the 2019 proposed CMS payment changes to a full house at our October 19th OCHFN event, now in its 8th year.
Julie Seaman, CCS, CCS-P, of eCatalyst, presented the 2019 CMS changes, which are expected to be adopted over the next few years will have a significant impact on Medicare reimbursement, especially in the surgical practices. eCatalyst has the tools to predict the impact of these changes and enable providers to improve other areas of reimbursement as well.
eCatalyst, a preferred Partner with Hardesty Healthcare Solutions, adds highly technical expertise to our healthcare services offering. The addition of eCatalyst  enables Hardesty to further expand its healthcare services delivery that now includes:

Permanent & Interim Healthcare Talent • Preparation for Sale Projects • Medical Practice Operations • Coding & Audits • Clinical Planning • RCM • CDI • Strategic Initiative Support