Consulting and Employment: The Blurred Line

Dec 18, 2014

CFO Thought Leader

104: Consulting and Employment: The Blurred Line, Karl Hardesty, CEO, Hardesty LLC

Where does consulting end and employment begin inside the burgeoning world of interim CFOs? Join us as Karl Hardesty CEO and co-founder of “CFO-for-hire” upstart Hardesty, LLC helps us to chart the blurring line that is quickly altering the C-suite’s management dynamics.

CFOs in the Line of Fire

“The CFO role is a hot seat right now. It’s a two to three years stint these days. … CFOs have more of a target on their back. If a company misses a forecast it’s always the CFO’s fault, and meanwhile there is a lot of people involved in making that forecast, but it’s the CFO who takes the heat.”

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