The term “financial crisis” is a broad term that describes any situation in which the value of financial institutions or assets drops rapidly. A financial crisis can have varying degrees of severity depending on the underlying causes, which can include recessions, overvalued assets, stock market activity, poor debt management, regulatory failures and other factors, many...
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Preparing for an M&A event, whether an acquisition, sale, recap or spin-off can be a road filled with costly hazards. In many instances, the preparation and culmination of this process can span two to three years, sapping your valuable management resources. The potential buyers on the other side of the table have completed dozens of...
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Didn’t think a CFO has much in common with a competitive distance bicyclist? You might be right, but Hardesty Partner Greg Eyink thinks the CFO can still learn something from this elite athletic competition. Click here for more information…¬†
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Founded in 2011 by Karl Hardesty, a respected leader in executive talent solutions for the CFO suite, Hardesty LLC provides best-in-class senior leadership to growing companies through its nationwide network of offices. As the firm continues to grow, the Hardesty network has added top professionals at the CEO, COO, CIO and VP HR levels to complete the full suite of senior executive talent we make available to clients.