Glass RatnerAdvisory & Capital Group LLC and Hardesty LLC have been affiliated since the inception of the firm. Our firms support each other through marketing programs, client acquisition, personnel, and strategic vision.  The firms bring the right resources to bear dependent on the specific client situation.

GlassRatner is a multi-office specialty financial advisory services firm providing solutions to complex business problems and Board level agenda items. The firm applies a unique mix of skill sets and experience to address matters of the utmost importance to the enterprise such as planning and executing a major acquisition or divestiture, pursuing a fraud investigation or corporate litigation, managing through a business crisis or bankruptcy and other top level, non-typical business challenges.

GlassRatner was formed by Ron Glass and Ian Ratner in 2001 based on a shared business philosophy of credible solutions to complex business challenges. The firm brings together a unique combination of financial and operating insight gained from decades of collective experience working in crisis situations, along with practical transaction experience.

GlassRatner’s overriding philosophy is to provide solutions to protect, enhance, and create value for its clients whether working for shareholders, creditors, investors or management. This is accomplished by gaining a complete understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding each assignment, detailed and sophisticated financial analysis and the application of real world experience.

NextLevel insists on meaningfully contributing to the success of your organization. We will give you immediate access to proven executive talent and address your critical initiatives in a timely, effective manner. We will align ourselves with your needs, objectives and culture through a customized engagement structure, remaining flexible to ensure you receive the right amount of support. We will rapidly integrate into your operations, delivering expertise that enables positive change, accelerates the achievement of key initiatives, improves competitive positioning and reduces risk. Value creation will always be our priority.

NextLevel is comprised of dozens of vetted, proven senior operating and financial executives and board members with an average of 20 years of C-suite experience in privately-held and public companies. Our diverse leadership experience globally with all types of businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals has prepared us to face many challenging situations with businesses in transition.

NextLevel was founded in Seattle in 2011 by Chuck Gottschalk and Bob Cranmer, and the firm quickly gained traction as one of the region’s fastest growing professional services firms. Today, NextLevel focuses on companies in transition across a broad range of markets and industries.