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Mark Kent brings a valuable skillset to Hardesty- a blend of exposures involving operational and financial executive leadership to Silicon Valley-based technology companies. He has served as CFO to many venture-backed, publicly traded, and private equity financed companies. He has performed in these roles as master tactician, reveling in the challenge of driving trajectory-changing strategies on behalf of company boards and investors. Mark is lauded as a restructuring maven capable of jumping into the most challenging of environments, and in whatever capacities might be needed.

Devoted to strategy, he has a deep understanding of trends and pitfalls, as well as the types of initiatives or strategies necessary for sustainably scaling companies. This is especially so for companies in earlier stages of their lifecycle. Subtle, yet crucial aspects of his skillset include a demonstrated ability to raise capital and navigate the interpersonal relationships of company leadership and their boards. He looks past the numbers, impacting team success through mentorship and embracing capable talent and organic growth potential. Mark resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, and seeks interim roles where he can help make a difference to business trajectories.

Mark has a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from Colorado State University.