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Brad Sather is a partner in the Orange County practice of Hardesty, LLC. Prior to joining the firm in October 2017, Brad spent over 25 years maintaining the financial health of growing companies in capital intensive industries. Brad has been very successful at improving shareholder value by driving profits and managing the balance sheet. He is an energetic, engaged leader with a straightforward communication style.

Brad excels at building and maintaining strong and healthy relationships with staff at all levels and with key business partners such as banks, lenders and vendors. His unique and flexible approach to business has allowed him to be successful in manufacturing, aviation, media, telecommunications, real estate and the auto industry.

Brad brings considerable experience with organizations going through significant change. His versatile approach allows him to adapt as needed from high growth to restructuring, leading financial turnarounds or finding efficiencies such as building Shared Service models. In addition, Brad has successfully negotiated or re-negotiated contracts and/or agreements with key stakeholders. He has been the financial leader of organizations with revenues exceeding $400 million with operations in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Brad earned his professional accounting designation CPA, CMA in British Columbia, Canada. He has also served as a Board of Director for a national non-profit health association.