Robert Smart

Robert Smart is a partner in the Orange County practice of Hardesty, LLC. He provides CFO and C-level management services to clients throughout the region. He has extensive experience in both product manufacturing and all facets of real estate land and vertical development. Robert’s career started in the medical products manufacturing and marketing business. He then entered public accounting with Ernst & Young’s Kenneth Leventhal & Company consulting practice and moved over to the client side for a long career, as a manager and CFO, in real estate financing, operations management, project management, international investment management, private equity, and recapitalization. He then returned to the medical products business as CFO for the very successful turnaround and asset sale of a manufacturer of implantable medical devices.

Robert’s flexibility in applying sound business practices and financing solutions to a variety of industries allows him to bring to the table creative ideas to transition companies toward new goals and successes. He is equally adept at corporate strategic planning and roll up your sleeves, hands-on financial management. He typically has held responsibility for finance and accounting, information technology, and human resources, but also for contracts and litigation management, R&D, product management, and marketing.

Robert has an MBA with an emphasis in finance and a BS in economics from Arizona State University.

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