Mike Reynoldson

Mike Reynoldson is a Partner in the Los Angeles office of Hardesty. For the past 20 years, Mike has been a Private Equity/Venture Capital Partner involved in all aspects of fund management and investing for seven funds. Mike was instrumental in the formation of five of the funds, including all aspects of fund formation and capital raising and the licensing of three as Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC’s). As an investor, the portfolio companies ranged from $5-$100 million in revenues, with Mike serving on the Board of Directors of his investments and actively involved in the strategic and financial operations of the companies.

During his career, Mike led the Corporate Development/M&A activities of a $1 billion global manufacturing company that served the mining, construction & industrial, and oil & gas industries. Mike also spent over six years with Price Waterhouse in the audit group where he worked with large SEC clients and participated in several IPO’s and Reg D offerings.

Mike holds an MBA Finance from the University of Iowa and a BA Accounting from Washington State University.

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