Mike Fay

Michael Fay is a partner in the Northern California practice of Hardesty, LLC.

Mr. Fay is an innovative and collaborative executive with an extensive background in all aspects of private and public accounting. He has a proven record of improving operating performance in high-growth, fast-paced companies. Bankers, private equity firms and venture capitalists recognize him as a valued member of their transaction service ecosystem and as a valued consulting partner for enhancing their accretive deal flow accomplishments. Mr. Fay has operated as CFO and Controller for a number of Silicon Valley and San Francisco based companies. His deal book includes the following: raised $250MM Series B round for Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics; ran deals for three highly valued founder exits – General Software taken out by Phoenix Technologies, Rioux Vision taken out by Omnicell and The Bar Method by Main Sail Partners. Most recently, Mr. Fay was a cofounder of Stalwart Power – Woody Gibson’s energy integration enterprise.


Mr. Fay has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science as well as a Masters in Taxation from California State University Hayward.

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