John Drake

John Drake is a Partner in Hardesty’s Irvine office. His particular strengths and experiences are in private, early stage to middle market companies in wholesale distribution, consumer finance and software development ranging in revenue size from start-up to nearly $1 billion. John recently completed an assignment as the interim CFO for a nearly $40 million consumer finance company. He assisted the founder in raising $20 million from a hedge fund and he re-engineered the revenue recognition and loan loss reserve processes and transitioned to a top tier accounting firm. Previously, he held the role of CFO for an international wholesale paper distribution company with sales up to $1 billion. His tenure spanned ten years during which time he teamed with the CEO to complete a MBO of the company using a leveraged ESOP structure and subsequently (a few years later) selling the company to a PEG. Prior to this he co-founded a software development firm in the specialty healthcare market.

John holds a Master in Business Administration from University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Los Angeles.

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