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Begging for Forgiveness – Part 2

HARDESTY TIP Prepare for the forgiveness process.  Think of this like loan diligence.  Word on the street is that this process may be subcontracted out to CPA firms.  So, companies may have a comprehensive review with the touch and feel of an audit or tax review. SBA...

A COVID Success Story

Hardesty LLC is well positioned to assist clients for full spectrum CFO responsibilities.  Recently, a CPG client engaged Hardesty Partner, Don Hahn, to manage the fiscal audit incorporating the first year of acquisition by the Company's investment sponsors. The...

AICPA Challenges – PPP Rules for Forgiveness

HARDESTY TIP There are many challenges to the PPP rules.  Since each bank will determine how the rules are applied, it is important to have the most current information when your forgiveness amount is calculated.  The latest to challenge these rules is the AICPA. Some...


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