Clients | Testimonials

“Hardesty supplied the right resources at the right time to step in during a difficult period. I appreciate their in-depth industry & business knowledge and the application to day-to-day business.”

Erika Bliss
MD - CEO, Qliance Medical Management, Seattle, WA

“Hardesty was able to deliver top quality talent in a timely way for my Director of FP&A and Sr Financial Analyst roles. I am very happy with the caliber of professionals we hired with their help – they are knocking it out of the park!”

Vince Cook
CFO, Modern Health

“Hardesty was instrumental in helping me find my current position. Their professionalism and insight into what the client needed helped guide me seamlessly through the interviewing and negotiation process.”

Michael Wu
VP Finance, CEMCO

“Bringing in Scott Patterson as the interim CFO to elevate the accounting team and manage the sale process was the right alternative and great choice. Scott’s business, accounting and transaction experience proved invaluable. At the end of the day, what Scott was able to bring to the table increased our valuation and greatly attributed to our ability to close the deal.”

Dr. Jerry Lanier
Founder, Kids Dental Kare

“Ken Cragun’s work as Interim CFO was critical to preparing us for the rigors of the sale process. Ken was able to make an immediate impact, providing insights into our business and preparing us for the challenges of due diligence and all the work required to successfully close a sale to a sophisticated, strategic buyer. Bringing Ken in was a great decision and made the process much smoother.”

Bruce Bates
Founder and CEO, RISA

“Dr. Lanier received a very attractive valuation and was able to walk away from the practice at about 2x what he originally anticipated. The buyer’s rigorous QofE process was managed flawlessly. The multiple received could not have been achieved without the contribution of Scott Patterson and Hardesty. What great partners.”

Synergy Advisors

“Phil Oseas joined us as interim CFO for our charter school management company. He quickly became familiar with the company’s ERP solution and build the needed projections for a complex corporate structure with little or no staff involvement. In addition, he greatly contributed to the general daily corporate business affairs. Phil demonstrated extremely sophisticated modeling skills and delivered on all requests quickly and effectively. He was a pleasure to work with and I would look forward to working with him again should the occasion arise.”

Gary Wilfert
Strategic Advisor, Education Management Systems

“Century Snacks was very fortunate to have Sean step in and lead the Finance team especially through our recent audit. He came in and hit the ground running from day 1 transitioning the duties from the incumbent CFO. During the audit, he provided the necessary guidance and leadership to our team and our auditors to stay on track to complete the audit on time. Despite the significant logistical challenges due to Covid -19 restrictions, Sean collaborated successfully with our Finance team and external auditors who were all working offsite. The result was a successful “virtual” audit that was completed on time. Sean was a pleasure to work with and completed the transition of the CFO responsibilities to me effectively and efficiently while we were all working in different locations and time zones. Sean demonstrated strong technical skills, clear communication skills and excellent leadership skills on a consistent basis. I would look forward to working with Sean again in the future.”

Tom McCraw
COO/CFO, Century Snacks