Our CFO Partner Profile: 25 Years of Experience – Seated Company CFO 4 times – Public/Private Sector – Public Accounting

Perhaps you’re a PE firm looking to find a buyer for a portfolio company and you need an industry savvy CFO that can handle the tough questions from a prospective buyer. Maybe your company just lost its top financial executive and the bench isn’t deep enough to ensure that you remain GAAP-compliant. Or, you’re the CEO for an emerging growth company that needs to increase the sophistication of its financial infrastructure and reporting in order to attract investor capital.

Scenarios like this require serious financial talent – and all too often, precious little time to find it. That’s when companies turn to Hardesty. Whether its diligence on the buy- or sell-side, or building your financial A-game from the inside, our CFO Partners come with the industry knowledge to make it happen – right from the jump.